ICCF Champions League

Season Seven

Final Entry List

Russell Sherwood  Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Final Entry list


A total of 167 Teams have entered Champions League.7

Allocation of Teams to Divisions is shown below using both Qualification and the rules for allocation of spare places.

A Division


BestLogicRu Chess
BestLogicRu Players
BestLogicRu Team
East Slovakia Chess
Et Reges Mortales
Fresh Wind II
Hamburger Schachgesellschaft (HSG)
Pawn Stars
Sporting Clube de Portugal
The Underdogs I
Zugzwang Bocholt 2

CL7 Update 2/3/2017

Russell Sherwood  Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dear Chessfriends,

For the aake of clarity Champions League will use the A,B,C naming convention.for Divisions. There are no Functional changes associated with this.

13 Entries recieved so far

Average Ratings

A Division

1 2549

2 2497

3 2511

4 2457

C Division

1 2358

2 2296

3 2251

4 2240

Confirmed Entries so far

Memento Gambit
SV Berolina Mitte
Chess Club Travertin 2
Nika – chess
Et Reges Mortales 
Народная команда (People team) 
Sporting Clube de Portugal 
Pawn Stars
Warriors of the Perla del Sur

The Champions League 7 Website will continue to be developed at  http://cl7.iccf.com


Champions League 7 is coming

Gino Franco Figlio  Sunday, February 19, 2017

ICCF is proud to announce ICCF Champion's League 7. Following the vote at Congress in Bremen the format will revert towards that used in Champions League 5.


The ICCF Champion's League is a Team event for Teams of 4 players. Three Divisions are utilised:

Champion's League - Champion's Division (formerly known as A Division)

Champion's League - Challenger’s Division (formerly known as B Division)

Champion's League - Promotional Division (formerly known as C Division)

The 3 division’s will be organised as followed:

  • Champions division: 1 section, 15 teams
  • Challenger’s division: 4 sections, 13 teams per section
  • Promotion division: many sections, 13 teams per section

Games are rated and where all necessary requirements are met, Title Norms may be possible.


Entries will be accepted until the 16th of April 2017 with a start date of 15th May 2017. End Date will be 14th May 2019.

Time Control

ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 40 days with duplication after 20 days is used.

30 days of leave per year are available to each player.

Entry Method

Rating List 2017/2 will be used for CL7. For an entry to be accepted, complete details must have been provided and required payment made. Entries may be made via Direct Entry (DE) on ICCF.com. Entry Fee is 45 Euro per Team via DE. National Federations set their own entry fee which can be obtained from the relevant National Federation delegate.

Entries must be for full teams - Individuals may not enter!

For clarity - only teams listed as qualified for the Champions or Challenger's Divisions may enter these divisions. Other or New Teams can only enter the Promotional Division.

Teams are reminded that only 2 players can be changed on a team over CL6 and CL7 - otherwise any qualification is forfit and the team is only qualified for the Promotion Division


Regular updates will be posted at ICCF.com In addition a mini site will be established at



The attached FAQ Document should answer any questions. If you have any questions not answered within, please contact Russell Sherwood at nttc@iccf.com


Promotion and Relegation for CL7


  • Places 1-7 (After Tie Breaks resolved) remain in the Champion's division in CL8
  • Places 8-15 (After Tie Breaks resolved) are related to the  Challenger’s division in CL8


  • Places 1-2 (After Tie Breaks resolved) are promoted to Champion's division in CL8
  • Places 3-8 (After Tie Breaks resolved) remain in the Challenger’s division in CL8
  • Places 9-13 (After Tie Breaks resolved) are relegated to  the Promotional division in CL8


24 Teams will qualify for Challenger’s in CL8. These will be taken equally from the Promotional Groups - so if 6 Groups, 4 per group, if 8 Groups, 3 per group, etc.

**NB Promotion and relegation rules may change based on the number of entries. Any change will be confirmed once the closing date for entries is reached**


Russell Sherwood



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